Mizzima News headquarters sealed off by Indian authorities Logo of Mizzima News Mizzima News headquarters sealed off by Indian authorities   News - Mizzima News Monday, 16 April 2007 Indian authorities in New Delhi today raided and sealed off the headquarters of 買房子Mizzima News Agency, a leading source of independent news on Burma run by exiled Burmese journalists. At around 11: 30 A.M. (Delhi time), April 16, two Delhi municipal officers and about 20 police officers came t 酒店兼職o the news agency and ordered it shut down. The authorities closed off Mizzima's library and sealed off the rooms where computers, equipment, and files are kept. Mizzima's editors were told that the raid was conducted i 婚禮顧問n line with a wider campaign against "commercial activities" in what was supposed to be a "residential area". Mizzima denied conducting any commercial work. Mizzima, which was founded in August 1998, is an independent and non-p 住商房屋rofit news agency, that produces independent news and commentary on Burma. It has been reporting consistently about the human rights situation in Burma, including violations against the media and journalists by the Burmese military junta. More broadly, it exp 房屋二胎ressly supports the campaign to restore a federal democracy in Burma. In covering Burma, Mizzima also covers Southeast Asian and South Asian politics that impact on the military-ruled country. Among other things, it covers and critiques India 's current policy towards Rangoo 買房子n. The raid on Mizzima by the Municipal Corporation "surprised" Mizzima's editors, as its operations have always been known to the Indian authorities. While the MCD claimed that Mizzima was closed off for conducting "commercial activities" in a residential area, Mizzima 酒店兼職also reports that no other commercial shops or businesses near the Mizzima office have been raided today.Mizzima News is a member of Burma News International (BNI), a network of Burma's independent media organizations. It is also an interim member of International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX). Miz 售屋網zima News has been receiving financial support from various international organizations, including International Media Support, Burma Relief Center, and National Endowment for Democracy, Open Society Institute, Euro-Burma Office, Internews, the Southeast Asian Press Alliance, and Free Voice. Mizzima's editorial oper 情趣用品ations have now been severely hampered. It appealed for international support, even as it sought the understanding of its readers in anticipation of further interruptions in delivering its news products.For your contactSein WinManaging Editor Mizzima News (www.mizzima.com)Mobile: 9910713677 Email: editor@mizzima.com   mizzima@miz 太平洋房屋zima.com  .
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